How To Choose Acoustic Guitar Strings?

How To Choose Acoustic Guitar Strings?

Not sure which string to choose? Well let's talk you through the process. There are a couple of different things to think about;

  • One is Budget, strings can start from as low as €5.95 and goto nearly €20.
  • Two is what level are you at? Can you tell the difference between a long life string and a regular?
  • Three is Feel/Tone, what do you like?

One: Budget

Depending on how much money you have to spend can determine what strings you can get? If you only have a small budget then looking for something like Martin, Daddario or Ernie Ball. All of these brands have a budget offering aswell as a premium offering. Shipping on a single set of strings is from as low as €2.95

Two: Level

Are you a professional guitarist or starting you career in Music? People who preform or practise a lot might want to think about Premium strings like Elixir, Ernie Ball Paradigm, Daddario EXP or XT and Martin T Series. All of these strings offer you longer life. All of the series mentioned do not offer break resistance accept for Paradigm. If you are a heavy player and tend to break stings then maybe premium may not be for you. Always check you Nut, Saddle and Machine Head posts for nicks and indentations before restringing.

Three: Feel/Tone

Feel can be a huge part of your playing, some players do not like the coated series of strings due to the feel. The later generations tend to have thinner coatings so the feel more natural. The Tone can be dependent on the metal which the strings are made from, Phosphor Bronze is a Warm tone great for electro-acoustic and picking. 80/20 Bronze are more bass and great for a lot of strumming. 


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