Sire Larry Carlton Electric Guitars

Sire Larry Carlton Electric Guitars 

Its been going on a while now, Your Bass player has been turning up to your gigs with a Sire Marcus Miller and telling you how nice it is to play. How the Quality has only gotten better with the Gen 2 Modifications. How Your Guitar should come with the high end features of the Marcus Miller. The Guitars for Sale now are just not the same as the Sire Marcus Miller Basses! 

Well you can stop looking at them so enviously because Larry Carlton and Sire have collaborated on a new range of ultra affordable (Yes, Cheap) Electric Guitars. Arriving May/June of 2020 the new range of Larry Carlton Sire's will be available to try and buy. All models are now available to Pre-Order! 

Great, But What Models Are There?

Well of course there is going to be a Hollow Body Guitar! At the moment the following Guitars and colours are listed as available:

Larry Carlton H7 Series; 335 Hollow Body W/2 x Humbuckers Pickups. Flamed Maple Top and Maple Back, Sides & Neck. Ebony Fingerboard. Colours: Vintage Sunburst and See Through Red. 

Larry Carlton S7 Series; Strat Style with Two Options. Regular Solid Wood or with Flamed Maple Top, HSS Pickup Configuration, Roasted Maple Neck and Fingerboards. Colours in Flamed Maple: Transparent Black, Transparent Blue & Natural. Colours in Regular: 3 Tone Sunburst, Antique White & Surf Green

Larry Carlton L7 Series; Les Paul Style. Solid Mahogany Body and Neck, Ebony Finger Board with 2 x Humbuckers onboard. Available in 2 Colours, Tabacco Sunburst & Goldtop.

View All Available Models from the Larry Carlton Sire Series here

335H7Larry carltonLes paulS7S7fmSireStrat

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