Why Choose Elixir Strings?

Why Choose Elixir Strings? 

Most often when a customer comes into a shop or looks online at an item they will question the value of it -

  • Why does it cost that much? (Weather its Budget or Premium)
  • Do I need it?
  • What makes it better?
  • Who is the manufacture or who are the brand? 

For along time Elixir Strings would have been pondered by Guitarists around the world. The evolution of the brand comes from a company who's main business seems to be medical devices?! Well the truth is Elixir invented the Coated String Market and now its no longer abnormal to pay up to €20 for a set of strings but the real question is why?

Elixir have a longer life than a regular uncoated string, there are now a few competitors who have excellent products which are all aiming for the same results but with differing techniques. 

The technology behind Elixir is a coating which protects the strings from you.... which seems like and odd statement but you degrade your strings every time you play. The acid and detritus from your fingers corrodes the string. How to we stop it? Simple; coat it! There are now three different types of coating from Elixir. 

  1. Polyweb - The Original coating, the thickest coating which gives you a Warm sounds and Slick/Fast Feeling.
  2. Nanoweb - The 2nd Generation, this coating offers you a Bright and Smooth tone.
  3. Optiweb (Only Electric at time of publishing) - The latest offering from Elixir gives you a natural and crisp tone.

Are Elixir unbreakable?  

No! If you are a heavy handed player then they might not be the string for you. If you tend not to break strings then Elixirs will make you sound better for longer. If you are not heavy handed but have noticed and increase in breakages then its time to get your instrument some TLC (Check the Tuning Post, Saddle and Nut for nicks or indentations)


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