5 Best Musical Gifts For Christmas

5 Best Musical Gifts For Christmas

It's that time of year again and there is huge range of Musical Gifts you could get for Christmas but where do you start? Here! Take a look at 5 Instruments You Can get. 

Acoustic Guitars for Christmas Gifts

From €99* Depending on Size (*With Accessories Pack) 

Acoustic Guitar is a great starter for any player. There is no need for an amplifier and they are not too expensive to get a good starter. We stock a number of different brands, a great Teen - Adults Range is Brunswick, see here. If you want to get something in the Teen - Adult range with more options consider Tanglewood, see here. Or if you are looking for an outfit back for young players to Adults, Koda Guitars offer a huge range of colours and excellent quality. See the full collection of Koda here. 

Available in a range of different sizes, depending on the age of the person getting it. A Rough Guide;

6 - 8 1/2 Size

8 - 12 3/4 Size

12+ 4/4 or Full Size 

Soprano Ukuleles for Christmas Gifts
From €29.95 

Ukuleles have become incredibly popular over the last few years and there are loads of different brands. These are great for younger and adult players. They bring in elements of  Guitar, using Fret positions, Chords and strumming. Soprano Ukuleles are the smallest size available so easy to transport and for young players. These Brunswick Ukuleles  are great value from €34.95 and in a variety of colours. If you are looking for something funky and different the Koda Range of Ukuleles have loads of different designs as well as being available in PolyCarbon, which is sturdy and hard wearing. 

Keyboards for Christmas Gifts
From €46.95 (Power Supplies, Stands etc optional)

Digital Keyboards have long been a staple of the Gift for musicians and with good reason! Keyboards are a great stepping stone to Piano, although most keyboards will feature 61 Keys (Piano's are 88). There are smaller Keyboards like the Casio SA46 which suits young players too (See the Full Range of Casio here). Piano is a great instrument to start with even if you want to progress to others as it gives the student a great foundation and understanding of Music Theory. 

Violins for Christmas Gifts
From €93.99 (Outfit Packs)

Violin is a great portable instrument for all ages of player. There are a few more elements to learning Violin which differ from the Piano, Ukulele and Guitar. With Violin you learn finger positions and bowing. All Violins need rosin so keep an eye our for kits which include it or buy separately. The Koda Violin Range (See Here) are very affordable and come in some different colours. They also offer Left Handed Violin's which isnt something all brands offer. Another great brand of Violins are the Hidersine Range (See Here). These outfit packs have all you need to get started (Violin, Bow, Rosin & Case), reliable and great right out of the box. They also offer a nice feature in the 4/4 or Full size which uses geared Violin Tuning Pegs (Normally its a wooden peg which over time smooths and is a little tricker to tune).

Side Guide:

6 - 8 1/2 Size

8 - 12 3/4 Size

12+ 4/4 or Full Size

Recording Equipment for Christmas Gifts
From €109 (Bundles Available)

Home Recording has come along way over the years and now many musicians record parts from home which can be used in a final recording or to use as a rough demos. Audio interfaces can be connected to PC/Mac or iPads. PreSonus have a range of different options available which are stand alone units or with an Interface, Microphones and Headphones (or Studio Monitors/Speakers). Check out the range of PreSonus Recording equipment here.


There are tonnes of cool music related gifts available this year. If you are buying for someone and not sure what to get why not ask if they are looking for any new Guitar Pedals(Here), Guitar Straps(Here) or even Tuners(Here). 

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