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It's that time of year again and there is huge range of Musical Gifts you could get for Christmas for the music lover in your life, but where do you start? Right Here! Here's our rundown of the best Christmas gifts for musicians or gift for music lovers in your life, to suit various budgets and ages.

Gifts for Guitarists

1. Gifts for Guitarists under €20

  • Strings - If you can get a sneaky look at what strings your guitarist uses they'll always need a fresh pair at some point. If all else fails, get someone to ask them which strings they recommend - guitarists are known for their verbosity. Check out the full range of strings Here
  • Cleaning & Maintenance - For all they need to keep their precious instrument in tip top condition & with prices starting from as little as €4.50 our Guitar Cleaning products are a welcome gift for all guitarists 
  • Guitar Wall Hangers - With multiple colour options and a ridiculously good value price, there's a reason our Hercules Wall Hanger is a best seller. Check them out Here

2. Gifts for Guitarists under €50

  • Straps - A quality guitar strap will set you back upwards of €30, check out our modern padded Mono Straps & traditional Leather straps by Constant Bourgeois here
  • G7th Electric, Acoustic or Classical Guitar Capo - The G7th range of Capos are the creme de la creme of Capos for electric, acoustic & classical guitar players. With prices starting at a very reasonable €22 all the way up to the pricey Heritage Acoustic Stirrup style Capo for the most serious players, around €35 will nab you a high quality tuner with fine tuning adjustment to get the perfect tension on your instrument. Shop the range Here.

3. Gifts for Guitarists under €100

  • Gift for The Performer - This Expandable pedal board is a fantastic music gift for performers with multiple pedals.
  • Gift for The Beginner Guitarist - For the budding guitarist we have starter acoustic guitars Here from only €71 in Childrens & Adult sizes.

3. Gifts for Guitarists to Splurge on! Luxury Gifts for Guitarists.

  • If money is no object - What does any guitarist really need? A new guitar of course! For the ultimate gift for Acoustic, Bass or Electric Guitar players look no further than Sire Signature Guitar ranges. Find out more Here.

Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players

1. Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players under €20

  • Beginner Piano Books - Check out our great selection of books for budding pianists here
  • Keyboard Player Books - We have a range of books to suit beginner, intermediate & advanced level keyboard players, including course books, scale books, theory books and virtuoso collections. Shop the full range here

2. Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players under €50

  • Metronomes - A must for piano & keyboard players, see our selection of mechanical & digital Metronomes here
  • Sustain Pedals - Take your keyboard to the next level with a piano style sustain pedal. We have options starting from as little as €20 Here

3. Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players under €100

  • Keyboard Bags - For the keyboard player on the go, check out our excellent prices on Keyboard bags here.
  • Coda Piano Stools with Storage - Steinhoven's Coda range of piano stools offer convenient storage for your sheet music in a classic piano stool and at the super price of only €89.99. Shop the Coda Range Here or, if you have a few quid more to play with, check out the full range of colours, finishes & adjustability options from the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

4. Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players to Splurge on! Luxury Gifts for Piano & Keyboard Players.

  • Premium Leather Piano Stools - Splurge on a decadent Leather Piano Stool in either Single or (The most romantic gift for a pianist!) cosy Duet Piano Stool models - check out all the options here
  • Casio Digital Pianos & Keyboards - A real gift for any pianist or keyboard player, casio's range of 88 key digital keyboards and pianos are the pinnacle of digital instruments with options ranging from portable stage pianos all the way up to the new Grand Hybrid upright models with their award winning Natural Grand Hammer Action these are true investment pieces. Shop the range Here

Musical Gift for Kids

1. Gifts for Kids under €20

  • Easy To Learn Instruments - Our collection Here includes options for as little as €3.50. (And for the parents - maybe consider some ear protection?)
  • Sheet Music Stand - For young musicians in multiple disciplines, this great value sheet music stand is a top seller for Music School students. Shop here

2. Gifts for Kids under €50

  • Ukuleles - The ukulele is the ideal introduction to string instruments, with soft nylon strings and a small neck they're ideally suited to small hands. 
  • Button Accordion - A great way to introduce kids to Traditional music, this fun 7 button accordion comes in a selection of colours (the retro Orange is particularly funky!) while the 7 button format makes it an ideal stepping stone to the full-size instrument. Shop here 

3. Gifts for Kids under €100

  • Kids Keyboard - A great way to introduce kids to keyboard, the Casio SA 46 is both fun & functional with light weight keys & 100 tones, it's the perfect starter instrument for small hands. Find out more Here
  • A Violin Outfit - Like this Koda Violin Outfit available in an array of funky colours is an ideal starter instrument for budding violinists & includes Violin, Case, Bow & Rosin - everything they need to get started.

4. Gifts for Kids to Splurge on! Luxury Gifts for Kids.

  • Digital Piano - The ultimate gift for a talented young pianist, why not upgrade your virtuoso to a Casio Digital Piano, with both upright & stage options to choose from these are the perfect instrument for advancing players. Shop here.
  • Presonus Atom - What to get someone who DJs? - For older kids with an interest in DJing, electronic music or music production this Presonus USB pad controller is compatible with most music production and performance software and allows the user to Produce, play virtual instruments, and trigger samples and loops with unsurpassed expressiveness and flexibility. Or if they're looking to set up or upgrade their home studio we have everything they could need - from monitors and headphones to recording software & full studio kits - right here

Best of the rest - Gifts for Producers, Drummers, percussionists, violinists, Song lovers and more!

1. Gifts under €20

  • 8" Bodhran - You'll be hard pressed to find a better value instrument than these 8" Bodhrans which come in a range of designs & complete with beater - ready to play! Shop the range here

  • Music Books, Songs Books - The perfect budget friendly Music gifts, you really can't go wrong with a good book. Whatever your lucky giftee plays we have a book to suit every music enthusiast, from this uber-handy Maintenance book for guitarists to the latest tunes to play on Ukulele (because who DOESN'T want to know how top play Great Balls of Fire on the ukulele?!?) Why not peruse our Books section from the drop down menu at the top of the page.

2. Gifts under €50

  • Premium Sheet Music Bag - Carry your sheet music in style with a Montford Faux leather Sheet music bag in Classic Tan, Olive Green & Black or a pop of colour in vivid Red or Blue.
  • Tuners - Whether it's for guitar, ukulele or violin we have tuners to suit your string instrument right Here

3. Gifts under €100

  • For the Recording Artist on the go - Check out the BandLab portable Recorders Here.
  • Bluetooth Headphones - These HD Bluetooth Headphones are a great gift, not just the perfect gift for musicians but an ideal gift for music lovers of any description. Mrs Bestmusic will be asking Santy for a pair of these this year.

4. Gifts to Splurge on! Luxury Gifts for Music Lovers.

  • Gifts for the Drummer in your life (or your house!) Drum Mutes / Dampeners - These Evans Drum mutes for acoustic kits are recommended by drum teachers as they dampen drum sound without losing Rebound & Feel. Shop the range here 
  • Ruach Irish Cajons - These beautiful Irish Made Cajons make an ideal gift not only for percussionists but a fun gift for music lover or musician who enjoys experimenting or playing a range of instruments. Shop the range here
  • For serious Violinists - serious violinists take protecting their instruments seriously and nothing contributes more to this than a good case. With options ranging from lightweight fibreglass travel cases to our foam quad case which holds 4 instruments, we have an option to suit every player. Check out the full range here
  • Gifts for the Studio - Whether you're looking for a gift for a budding podcaster, producer or musician looking to set up their first home studio, our section of Presonus Studio Software & equipment has something for everyone and their Audio 96 bundles take the hassle out of assembling your new studio. Shop the full range here.
  • Gifts for the Stage Performer - A wireless mic is the ultimate performers gift, shop headsets, mics & laviers Here

Still not sure?

Choosing the perfect gifts for music lovers can be difficult. Give yourself a break & let the musician in your life decide for themselves? Grab a giftcard here.

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