Which Guitar Tuner to Buy?

Which Guitar Tuner To Buy? One of these, here's why.

There are a huge number of Guitar Tuners and Tuner apps available these days and it can be hard to figure out which one to use! First of all, there are a some things to think about. Using it on stage? For use at home? Using it in a noisy environment? Well honestly, most brands have evolved to sell Clip On Tuners almost exclusively! They are inexpensive, efficient and in some cases really discreet.  

Aroma Clip on Guitar Tuner

Guitar Tuner Brands

There are a couple of really cool branded Guitar Tuners, there are also some just well made, easy to use non-branded one. 

D'addarrio Guitar Tuners

An American Strings & Accessories company, they've pretty much cornered the market on innovative accessories and the tuners are no different. The D'addario Tuners come in a range of sizes and instruments.

D'addario Guitar Tuners

Ernie Ball Guitar Tuners

Another Strings brand, they trade more on heritage than innovation but havea really cool Clip on Tuner. Full colour and super responsive. 

Ernie Ball Flextone Guitar Tuner

Snark Guitar Tuners

Originally hailing from the Qwik-Tune family, Snark Guitar tuners now come in a range of different Colours and instruments. All of the tuners are full colour with big and bright readable screens.

Snark Clip on Guitar Tuners

Non-Branded, Still Awesome

Two more legit tuners are the Aroma & TGI Clip on Guitar tuners. Neither offer the full colour screen experience but are reliable, accurate and excellent value. 

How Much Are Guitar Tuners?

Clip on Guitar Tuners can off relatively cheaply, the TGI Guitar tuner come it and under €10 where the colour screen models can go into the hundreds. One of the top brands for Clip-On-Tuners is the Petersons Strobe Tuners, depending on where your using it these might be a little over the top. The average price of a good, reliable tuner is around €15 - €25

Guitar Tuner App should I use?

If you decide not to use a Clip on tuner checkout the one which we recommend the most for any students GuitarTuna, available for both Android & iPhone. The app works great on both phones but rely on your phone microphone so if your going to be around any level of noise think twice.

And the Round Up....

Which one do you get? Which one is the best? The Snark / Ernie Ball tuners are full colour so are really easy to read / use but having a full colour screen will have more battery usage. The budget options with 2 colours (Green / Orange) last a little bit longer but can be less simple to use. 


Winner for Budget:
TGI Clip on Tuner
The TGI Does everything you need without breaking the bank check it out below. 
Simple Interface
Good Battery Life
Easy to Use
Less Easy to Read
A little Flimsy
Winner for Clarity:
Snark SNX Tuner
A little bit more expensive but is really well designed!
Super Easy to Read
Re-enforced Joints
Cool Design
Uses More Battery
To Many Options Across the brand which do the same thing!



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