D'addario XPND Pedal Board Riser

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XPND | Pedal Board Accessories

D'addario's brand new expandable XPND Pedal Board is ideal for any guitarist who likes to play around with their pedal board or is a total pedal board planner. These XPND Risers allow you to elevate your pedals off the board by enough to ensure make the most of your space. 

Pedalboard Space

Making space on your pedal board isn't always easy, choosing which pedal is going to be sacrificed. The XPND makes expansion easy and the risers give you a 1" lift with built in cut outs for your cables. You can align a number of risers on your board, available in Single and Double (For Smaller and Wider Pedals). Suitable for the XPND1 and 2

Product Details:

  • XPND Pedalboard Riser
  • Singe (Standard) PW-XPNDPR-01
  • Double (Oversized) PW-XPNDPR-02
  • 1" Lift
  • Built Cut In's (Cable Management)
  • Hook and Loop Strips

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