D'addario XPND Expandable Pedal Board

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D'addario XPND Expandable Pedal Board

Accommodating that latest spending spree on your pedalboard may be tricky, though, without buying a new board and… Wait. D’Addario has a new offering that is just for you: the expandable XPND pedalboard. It’s a nifty idea that gives us pedal addicts a great way to deal with your ever growing stompbox collection.

The idea is super simple: two telescopic pedalboard options, available in a basic one row version – XPND 1 – or a dual row version, XPND 2. these could be great for players that need a pedalboard setup that’s very flexible. Both XPDNs are built using aircraft-quality aluminium rails. They look very easy to adjust and include a cable management system. Oh, and they arrive pre-fitted with hook and loop


D'addario XPND1 Pedal Board

The extendable pedal board which is the single row which adjusts from 13.75" (34.9 CM) to 24.75" (62.8CM). Along with the board comes a simple cable management system with dual cavities which are easy to open and close.