Wampler Guitar Effect Pedals: Plexi-Drive British Overdrive

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Wampler Guitar Effect Pedals: Plexi-Drive British Overdrive

Replicating that amazing Marshall Amplifiers®, the Plexi-Drive Standard emulates the classic Rock tone! The unique gain structure allows the Plexi to handle from the 18 Watt Bluesy tone all the way upto (11) the JTM-45. Want the thump of the 4x12? Hit the Bass Booster switch and let it rip!

Marshall Amplifiers®


  • Distortion Pedal
  • Made in USA
  • Relay true ByPass with Soft-Switch
  • Top Mounted Input/Output
  • JFET circuit which mimics tube gain and valve response
  • 3 Knobs: Tone, Volume and Gain. Bass Boost switchable
  • Pre-Gain Boost separately from main circuit
  • No PSU supplied

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