Wampler Guitar Effects Pedals: dB+ Booster Pedal


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Wampler Guitar Effects Pedals: dB+ Booster Pedal

With a small footprint which wont take up to much space on your board, the dB+ has an independent buffer and full frequency boost. When using many pedals or using too many cables it can strip your tone of the higher natural frequencies (giving you a muddy tone). Using a quality buffer like the dB+ can stop that loss.

Tube Screamer®
Tube Screamer®
Tube Screamer®
Tube Screamer®


  • Boost Pedal
  • Made in USA
  • True Bypass
  • Independent Buffer
  • One Knob clean Boost
  • No PSU supplied

About Wampler Electric Guitar Pedals

Wampler Pedals are the brain child of Brian Wampler. Originally a DIY pedal enthusiast his Wampler Pedals have become hugely popular across the Guitar World. Wampler has continued to manufacture high quality pedals despite growing to an large company. Brian's ethos has carried through the whole workforce. All the pedals are manufacture in the heartland of Martinsville, IN, USA.

Each pedal goes through a series of test to ensure that it is in optimal condition when being sold to the end user. Wampler's customer support is second to none, Brian wants to ensure that the customer is getting looked after. 

Featuring Different styles of Pedals including: Fuzz, Delay, Overdrive, Tremolo, Boost, Fuzz, Compression, Modulation, Distortion, Bass and Reverb. Wampler Pedals will have something for you! 

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