Tony Dixon Tuneable Tenor D Whistle Aluminium Body


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Tony Dixon Tuneable Tenor D Whistle Aluminium Body

Utilising the classic straight bore aluminium low whistle design body, this is a solid feeling and sounding instrument. Much like its soprano counterparts the aluminium body reflects the sound wave with less absorption providing you with a more metallic tone as you would expect from this harder material.

Tony Dixon make low D metal whistles as tuneables as the greater mass of material takes longer to warm up and so come up to playing pitch which can be a problem with one piece whistles.

This is the perfect gift for anyone wishing to explore the traditional Irish spirit of music. Just picking up this fine flute will transport 99.9% of Irish people straight back to their school days learning smash hit jigs and reels. You'll be glad to know however that the Tin Whistle is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance. This versatile instrument can be used to play everything from the Star Wars theme to Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé, Olé. It's hard to believe so much craic can be blown out of one little whistle!


- Tenor low whistle
- Classic straight bore aluminium body
- Suitable for all ages and abilities

- Model Number: DX102D

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