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Acoustic Guitar Strings | 80/20 Bronze Guitar Strings

Thomastik-Infeld or more commonly know as Thomastik Strings are an Austrian manufacture with a long tradition of string making. They are most famous for manufacturing high end Violin strings but they also have a following for their Acoustic Guitar Strings. The Plectrum Acoustic Guitar strings range has  soft tone. They are a hybrid set which use a flatwound string for A,D & G strings, roundwound for low E (with Silk inlays). This combination of strings and materials produce a warm, almost classical tone which are easy to play.

Gauges Available:

Extra Light 10 - 41 | AC110

Custom Light 11 - 50 | AC111

Light 12 - 59 | AC112

Medium 13 - 61 | AC113

Product Details

  • Acoustic Guitar Strings
  • 80/20 Bronze
  • Hybrid Round / Flatwound
  • Silk In-Lays (Low E)

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