SuperStudies for Violin Book 1


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SuperStudies for Violin Book 1

19 really easy original studies for the young player written by Mary Cohen. Each piece has playing suggestions in English and German.


1. Banana Bounce!
2. Blast Off!
3. Cuckoo? Where's That Cuckoo?
4. Floating In The Swimming Pool
5. Gliding Along At The Octopus Ball
6. Hear That Whistle!
7. Hurry If You Want To See The Engine!
8. Let's All Go To The Grizzly Bear's Grump
9. Operation Space Station
10. Robots Rocking At The Microchip Ball
11. Rockets To The Rescue
12. Rocking Rowboats
13. Rum-bah Ba!
14. Space Walk
15. Strawberry Milk Shake, 16. Tawny Owl Blues
17. Toffee Nut Fudge Cake
18. Vanilla Ice Cream
19. Wave Machine


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