StoneDeaf Effect Pedals: Kliptonite

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StoneDeaf Effect Pedals: Kliptonite

Bring together rippin' fuzz and blusey overdrive. Combine the Parametric EQ, Mix Knob, Expression Control (Add the StoneDeaf EP-1) and Dual Channel Switchable control makes this Pedal an amazing addition to your board!

The Mirror mix allows you to blend the two circuits (Fuzz & Overdrive) for a wide range of incredible tones. The Velcro type Fuzz is rippin' and spluttering while the Overdrive gives you a Blusey tone. You can mix the Fuzz & Overdrive, for example, you could set 75% overdrive and 25% fuzz, push the foot-switch flipping the signal to the other channel and then have 75% fuzz 25% overdrive. 


  • OverDrive & Fuzz Pedal
  • Mirror Mix - OD & Fuzz
  • Highly sculptable Paracentric EQ
  • Phase/Wah (Only Works with EP1)
  • Top Mounted I/O
  • Handmade in the UK (Manchester)
  • True-ByPass
  • 9V (Centre DC) Not Supplied / 300mA Draw
  • * Expression only works with EP1 

StoneDeaf Electric Guitar Pedals

This UK based Pedal maker was established in 2009. From an obsessive collection of Pedals to Pedal Manufacture seemed like a pipe dream but it wasnt and now you can try out these amazing pedals for yourself! Made from high quality materiel's and by hand the UK (Manchester). They don't use Cheap Labor, Cheap Parts and all they want is to give you value for money.

Some of the pedals you may have heard of are: Warp Drive, Kliptonite, Fig Fumb, Trashy Blonde and PDF-2. The "Thing" about StoneDeaf Pedals? Active Circuitry, which gives you, the player, a wide range of tone!

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