Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Piano: Elementary, Preliminary and Primary 2021

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Royal Irish Academy of Music (RIAM) Elementary, Preliminary and Primary 2021

The Royal Irish Academy of Music 2021 Piano Exam Album. This book covers the exam pieces for: Elementary, Preliminary & Primary. The exam for this book can be taken in 2021 into the First Period of 2022.


Melanie Brown - One Magpie
Alexander Reinagle - Allegro
Cuthbert Harris - Haymaker’s Song
Ailbhe McDonagh Tic Tac Toe
Mary O’Keeffe - Cliff Diving
Melanie Brown - Basketball

Melanie Brown - Rugby Training
Wilhelm Moritz Vogel - Moderato
Leslie Fly - Snow White
John McLachlan - The Curious Cat
Mary O’Keeffe - Donkey Race
Leslie Fly - The Huntsman

Frederick Scotson - Clark Tarantella
John McLachlan - A Walking Shadow
Elaine McCabe-Cudden - Gotcha !
Cuthbert Harris - Graceful Dance
Theodor Oesten - Hunting Horns
Carl Czerny - Alexander March

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