Koda: 4/4 Full Size A-Shape ABS Violin Case


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4/4 Full Size A-Shape ABS Violin Case

This ABS Plastic 4/4 Violin Case has a 7MM Plush lining. The exterior is rugged while interior is made to ensure your instrument does not get damaged. Inside the cases is a Hydrometer which ensures that you can see any issues with moisture levels within the case . Also inside the case is a small storage pocket for keeping your Rosin or small accessories like tuners, mutes, etc. This case also features Chrome hardware (Hinges and Clasps) which are sturdy and rugged. 

Depending on your specific needs Koda have a case to suit you. For one Violin the options are Foam, ABS or Wooden Cases. For Musicians going from home to lessons or rehearsals the light weight Form or ABS cases suit perfectly. Musicians who are preforming at events or travelling internationally then the ABS or Wooden Cases would suit fantastically.

No matter your needs Koda Violin Cases have a case which will suit your needs. To protect your instrument no matter what the situation. A well protected instruments saves you money in the long run. If you need assistance in choosing the correct case for your please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will help.

4/4 Full Size A-Shape ABS Violin Case Product Details

  • 4/4 ABS Plastic Violin Case
  • 7MM Plush Interior Lining
  • Small internal storage
  • Hydrometer installed
  • Holds 2 Bows

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