Koda: HDV11 Violin Outfit (Colours)

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Koda: HDV11 Violin Outfit (Colours)

This Violin Outfit Pack from Koda is ideal for new beginners. The pack includes the following: Violin, Bow, Rosin and Case. The Tuners, Tailpiece, Bow and Chin rest are made from Ebony. Each strings has its own finetuner so its easy to adjust. These are the colours available: Black, Blue, Pink & White. 


  • Sizes: 1/8 - 4/4
  • Top: Press Solid Spruce
  • Back/Sides: Press Solid Maples
  • All Ebony Parts (Tuners, Tailpiece, Bow and Chinrest)
  • Finetunes on All Strings
  • Outfit Pack: Violin, Bow, Rosin & Case
  • SKU: HDV11

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