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Bodhran Drum | Irish Bodhran Design

The Bodhran Drum is a percussion instrument which is firmly rooted in Irish traditional music. This Koda Irish Design Bodhran is available in a number of different designs from Plain, Knotworks, Harp and Shamrocks. 

Bodhran Bag and Tipper

This drum comes with a padded Koda Bag and beater or also know as the bodhran tipper. It features a goatskin which has been stretched across the frame, it also has dual mounted crossbars. 

Product Details

  • 12" (30.4CM)x 3" (7.6CM) Bodhran Drum
  • Plain or Celtic Designed; Harp, Knotwork or Shamrocks
  • Includes Beater (or Tipper) and Padded Bag
  • Goatskin Material
  • Dual Crossbars

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