Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Hooke Reverb


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Keeley Electronics: Hooke Reverb

Within this fantastic pedal is Three different tone options with the Hooke Reverb; Classic Spring Reverb, Blackface Trem-n-Verb and Fugue (Organ Reverb). There are also 2 Banks within the pedal too which means you have even more options. 

Classic Spring Reverb:

With the Classic Spring Reverb mode you have two main features. The modes are Tone and Spring. With the tone option you can change your sound from "Sparkly" to "Dark and Thick". The Spring control gives you the tightness or looseness of the Spring within the Pan. Loose = Lots of Reflections. Using both control in tandem allows you a massive amount of control.

Blackface Trem-N-Verb:

Always wanted that Fullerton, CA Black Panel Vibrato Channel reverb? Well you've got it! Most people assumed that the tone was Vibrato but it was in fact Trem. With a specifically EQ'd and filtered to sound (by the brains at Keeley Electronics) tube like. It also gives a deep and throbbing Tremolo effect. 

Fugue  (Organ Reverb):

As if all the above wasn't enough Keeley went and added something even more spectacular: A Church Organ, Organ Reverb. Your original signal is taken through a signal path of shimmer spring, octave and spring reverb. 

Even More Reverb Patches.........Flip over your pedal, take of the screws (Gentle now) and change the bank switch to unlock three more tones. Once you have flipped the switch you can now access: Long Decay Term-N-Verb, Spring-Plate and Vitro-Spring. 


  • Reverb Pedal
  • Tremolo Pedal
  • 3 Different Tones
  • 2 Switchable Banks
  • 9V DC Power (not Supplied)

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