Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Gold Star


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Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Gold Star

The Keeley Electronics Goldstar Reverb is not just one pedal but three of the Studio Themed Reverbs from Keeley. Take some Crazy Phil Spector, Add in some of his Wall of Sound and then throw in some of the 60's Acid laced distortion and that's the Gold Star.

There are three modes which are available on this funky pedal: Compressed, Distorted and Flanged.


This mode add's compression to your reverb tone. When active this mode makes the trails "Duck"or compress the harder that you play. To adjust the amount of compression the depth control sets the threshold. For adjusting your compression ratios you simply dial it it on the Vinyl control. 

Distorted Mode: 

Using the Distorted mode adds a thick and throaty distortion to your trails. Its bold, jarring and really effective. You can control the pre-delay time with the Depth control. This setting can add an awesome distorted slap back! 

Flanger Mode: 

Within this mode there are two sub-sets. Flanger Reverb and Sun-Drenched Vinyl Reverb. The second is a random pitch vibrato added to the huge "Wall of Sound". The trails are exaggerated to a long twist and turn. Use the Vinyl to change it up, turn left for flanger mode and turn right for that Sun Drenched tone. 

Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Gold Star

  • Reverb Pedal
  • Three Modes: Compressed, Flanger and Distorted 
  • 3 Different Tones
  • 9V DC Power (not Supplied)

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