Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Compressor Pro (Limiter Pedal)


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Keeley Electronics: Compressor Pro (Limiter Pedal)

Made in the good old US of A this Compressor/Limiter pedal the Compressor Pro is an amazing stomp box with Power, Attack, Release, Auto-Mode and Hard/Soft Knee. 

Made to be the last Compressor pedal you will ever need! It is designed for the stage or the studio, wherever you need it. It will work with most instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Voice and Even Drums. Handy for home use to add loads of sustain at low volume or low gain settings.

Device Controls: 

Threshold - 7 LEDs which show you a representation of how much the pedal is compressing your tone. Range of Adjustment is from -50dBu to +10dBu.  2.45mVRMS to 2.45VRMS – Pro Audio (studio) Levels are +4dBu Consumer Audio Levels are -10dBu.  Passive guitar or bass pickups are typically about -25dBu to 2.5dBu.

Ratio - Ranging from no compression (1:1) all the way up to (∞:1). The later setting can be used to protect your studio speakers and ears,

Attack Control - Attack time can be set between 0.15Ms and 150Ms. This is what controls the amount of time it takes for the Compressor Pro to kick in.

Release Control - Release time can be set between 0.1s to 3.0s. This controls the time before the Compressor Pro releases or stops the compression. 

Gain Control - Controls the amount of output from the Compressor Pro. It doesn't affect the Threshold, Ratio, Attach of Release. +20Db of Boost is possible. This is to make up gain if you set a heavy compression. 

Knee Switch - Hard or Soft Knee. Hard Compression; If the threshold is met then the compress at this ratio. Soft Knee keeps your instrument compressed but still lively and dynamic unlike other Blanket style compressors. 

Auto Switch - ON/OFF. Leaving it on in most cases will automate the release and attack controls. This setting is suitable for most situations. The Compressor Pro will set the correct attack and release depending on input levels.

Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Compressor Pro (Limiter Pedal)

  • Compressor - Limiter Pedal
  • 7 LEDs Display (Gain Levels of -1Db to -20Db)
  • Threshold LED Indicator (Bi-Colour LEDs)
  • Exact RMS Analysis (ERA)
  • Hard/Soft Knee Compression
  • Auto-Mode
  • True By-Pass
  • 9V DC Power (not Supplied)

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