Keeley Electronics Guitar Pedals: Compressor Plus

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Here it is! With over 2,000 of these pedals sold in Two Weeks now you can get yours!

The latest from the R&D Maniacs at Keeley have come out with the Compressor pedals which does more than what it says on the tin! It is a sustain and expander aswell and not just in the run of the mill kind of way. It uses a couple of neat features like Tone Control, which is designed from analog delays and other vintage effect. The Result? Well it emphasizes the most sensitive harmonics that get lost in compression. The Blend Control retains the peaks but importantly the proper phasing of your instrument. 

It also allows you to switch between a Single Coil and Humbucker. The pedal is essentially tuned for your setup! Simple, Effective and Awesome! 


  • Compressor Pedal
  • Expander/Sustainer
  • Switch Between Humbucker/Single Coil
  • Tone Control / Blend Control
  • True By Pass
  • 9V (DC, Center Neg)

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