Keeley: Auto Double Tracker

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Keeley: Auto Double Tracker

The 30Ms Automatic Double Tracker is an amazing pedal. There are three different modes, each offering something different. The modes are: Dimensions, Abbey Mode & Slapback. The options in this pedal are a throw back to the original techniques pioneered by Ken Townsend & John Lennon.

Dimensions; Altered/Detuned like Chorus without regular LFO Osicillation

Abbey Mode: Abbey Verb (Reverb, think the Beatles!)

Slapback: Double Tracked Echo


  • 30MS Automatic Doule Tracker
  • Stereo Doubling Effect or Mono "Abbey Verb"
  • Altered/Detuned 
  • Modes: Dimension, Abbey Mode & Slapback
  • Double Tracking Mode
  • True By Pass
  • 9V (DC, Center Neg)

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