Prohands by Gripmaster, Medium Tension Hand Exerciser (Blue)

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This is the medium tension option in the prohands gripmaster range. Pro-Hands, Grip Master, is a hand exercises tool which is portable and easy to use. The benefits of using a hand exerciser allows you build strength for each finger in your pocket.

VIA is ideal for anyone wanting to maintain strength, dexterity and healthy hands. Soft finger pads and palm rest, along with an ergonomic design, make VIA the most comfortable hand exerciser available today. Daily exercise will improve the performance of the fingers and hands by flexing and toning the muscles, ligaments and tendons. VIA strengthens each finger separately and conditions your entire hand, wrist and forearm. Recommended for anyone wishing to maintain the well-being of their hands. May help with arthritis, carpal tunnel, neuropathy, and poor circulation. We offer four resistance levels.


  • Medium Tension
  • 6Lb per Finger
  • More Repetitions less resistance

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