G7th Performance 3 Acoustic Guitar Capo in Silver


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G7th Performance 3 Acoustic Guitar Capo in Satin Silver

The Performance 3 is the latest generation of capo from G7th. The Pro3 is the culmination of years of tweaking, re-designing, and improving on older versions with the help of Guitarists feedback. The newest features on this capo are the ART System (Adaptive Radius Technology) and Unique Tension Control. 

So Whats it All about?

This capo is a simple to use, squeeze system. Gently push it into place, it will adapt to whatever neck you put it on and stay in place. 

G7th Performance 3 Acoustic Guitar Capo in Silver

  • Silver Finish
  • Acoustic or Electric Guitar
  • Rubber Neck Protection
  • Flip Level Action
  • Adjusts in Position
  • Low Weight/Profile
  • ART (Adaptive Radius Technology)
  • Unique Tension Control
  • SKU: C81010

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