Fredric Effects Demon Fuzz


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Fredric Effects Demon Fuzz

The Demon Fuzz from Fredric Effects offers a modern take on a classic pedal design. The original EH Muff Fuzz from the late 70s was a first-rate, mid-gain fuzz that only offered a volume control. Authentic versions of this pedal are hard to find, easily breakable and expensive. For the Demon Fuzz, Fredric Effects used the primary IC (integrated circuit) Muff Fuzz as the foundation for the new design.

They have increased the gain slightly and also included a switch for picking silicon clipping diodes for a crunchier distortion or germanium for a vintage and classic sound.

Stacey Hine has painstakingly drawn the Demon Fuzz artwork, which is then professionally screen printed onto each powder-coated enclosure. Creative Review appreciated this artwork so much that they featured it in their music issue.

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