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Analogue Sample Rate Reducer? Yes that's what we have here! Inspired by the processing for Synths and Drum machines. This gives you a ring synth mod sound on your signal. There is a balance knob to allow you to control the amount of madness coming from your amp.

Despite the name, the BugCrusher is not an actual BitCrusher - most BitCrusher effects will have Sample Rate (x-axis quantization) and Bit Depth (y-axis quantization) and are typically digital in nature.


  • Analogue Sample Rate Reducer
  • Sample & Hold Circut
  • Hand Built in UK
  • 9V Power (Not Included)
  • Custom Artowrk
  • SKU: BugCrusher

About Fredric Effects:
Fredric Effects Handmade Pedals are Built in London, United Kingdom. The brain child of Tim Webster & Stacey these pedals are offering something special in a sea of boutique pedal makers.

They are designed to last you many years with high quality components. These small footprint pedals are as fuss free as possible. Instead of going crazy with 6 Knob, Multiswitch behemoths they have gone small and compact. With 2 knobs, possibly a switch and then an amazing range of Artwork these pedals really offer something special.

The casing and enclosures are made in North London specifically for Fredric Effects. The screen printing and professional powder coating is undertaken by local companies (in London). PCB Construction (Not Perf or Vero). They are handmade one at a time or in small batches. The Cliff Jacks are hard-wearing. The Foot switches and pots used are Alpha which are incredibly reliable. offer quick delivery, great service and great value. We are an Irish owned and operated Online Music Store based in Dublin, Ireland. We aim to give your the Best Service, Best Price and Best Experience we can. Shop Locally from Home with us! Happy Shopping.

We have done an in depth review for you guys via our YouTube Channel (Don't forget to subscribe) so you can take a look at the video below. Take a close look at the support system in the cases as well as the pockets, zipper and handle. Another sleek feature is the brush aluminum latch for the pocket. They are amazingly made cases which will make sure your instrument in protected when your on the move.

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