Evans Sound Off Mute Pack, Full Set - Rock Sizes

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Drum Silencers | Drum Mutes

Evans Sound Off Mute Pack, Full Set - Rock Sizes

If you need to dampen the the volume of your acoustic drum kit then these Evans Drum Mutes or Drum Silencers are ideal. They are easy to fit, just put them onto the drum on top of the skin and your set. Once you want to take them off just lift the mute pads from the kit. Each Evans pack is sized to your kit so measure your kit if you are not sure to ensure you get the correct fit.


  • Drum mutes for rock-sized kits; 10, 12, 14(snare), 16 plus bass and cymbal mutes
  • Adjustable bass mute fits 18" to 26" bass drums
  • Realistic cymbal and hi-hat reboundA great gift for any drummer; 
  • All SoundOff by Evans drum mutes are designed, engineered, and manufactured to the most stringent quality control standards in the industry
  • Brand: D'addario

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