Ernie Ball Bass Strings | Cobalt Slinky

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Electric Bass Strings | Cobalt 

Ernie Ball Cobalt Slinky Electric Bass Strings are crisp and clear. Cobalt also has more harmonic resonance and low end in comparison to Nickel wound strings. Cobalt is more magnetic so it creates a stronger link between the strings and pickups. Cobalt Bass stings are soft and slinky so bending is no problem. 

Gauges Available In:

Extra Slinky 40 - 95 | EB2735

Super Slinky 45 - 100 | EB2734

Hybrid Slinky 45 - 105 | EB2733

Regular Slinky 50 - 105 | EB2732

Power Slinky 55 - 110 | EB2731

5 String Regular Slinky 40 - 130 | EB2736

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