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Electric Guitar Strings | Elixir Polyweb

Elixir Guitar strings have redefined the industry by introducing a long life string. Polyweb Guitar strings are the original coated string. Elixir Strings for Electric Guitar are available in a range of gauges. The tone which you can expect from Polywebs is warm with a slick feel. 

Coated Guitar Strings?

Why use Coated Strings? In short, it means you can go longer in-between strings changes. What it really means is that you can have a fresh tone on your instrument for longer. String coating is a way to stop the string degrading from the natural acids in your fingers. This coating is applied onto the string to ensure these acids don't react with the alloys which make up strings.


  • Brand: Elixir

  • Extended Tone

  • Reduced Finger Noise (Squeak)

  • Anti-Rust Coating (Plain Strings)



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