Elixir Polyweb 80/20 Acoustic Guitar Strings


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Acoustic Guitar Strings | 80/20 Bronze

The first generation of Elixir coated Guitar strings for Acoustic Guitar were Polyweb and although they have brought out two new generations of strings since then Polyweb has continued to be popular. Elixir Polyweb have the thickest of all the coatings available so have a Slick and Fast Feel to them, they are also very warm. 

There are three different types of coating for Acoustic Guitar Strings from Elixir:

80/20 Bronze Acoustic Strings:

Elixir's coating means your tone will sound fresher for longer but what tone can you expect from 80/20 Bronze Strings? This type of string is made of 80% Copper and 20% Zinc. This give a Crisp full tone with plenty of bass response. They have a somewhat scooped mid-range. Dreadnought or bigger sizes tend to pair well with 80/20. 

Elixir Polyweb 80/20 Bronze Gauges: 



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