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Electric Guitar Strings | Nickle Plated Strings

Optiweb is the latest generation of coated strings from Elixir. Optiweb is now the thinest coating available from Elixir for Electric Guitar Strings. They feel natural and sound crisp. These strings differ to Polyweb and Nanoweb as the coating feels more natural and tonally they are more crisp (as opposed to Warm from Polyweb and Bright from Nanoweb). The plain strings are also treated with an anti-rust coating so your whole set is protected.

There are a range of different gauges in the Optiweb range:

Super Light 9 - 42

Custom Light 9 - 46

Light 10 - 46

Light / Heavy 10 - 52

Heavy 11 - 49


Polyweb V Nanoweb V Optiweb

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