Elixir Nanoweb Bass Guitar Strings: 14087 Bass 45-105 Super Long Scale

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Elixir Nanoweb 14087 Bass 45-105 Super Long Scale 

Elixir Strings (Polyweb, Nanoweb & Optiweb) strings sound better for longer. 3 -5 Times longer in fact. The difference between the three types are as follows:

  • Polyweb: Warm, Slick and Fast
  • Nanoweb: Bright and Smooth
  • Optiweb (Electric Only): Crisp and Natural

Elixir are the go to brand when it comes to coated strings. Used by many top manufactures and also by many repair professionals they wont let you down. Your guitar string tone will sound better for longer.

  • Type: Nanoweb (Bright and Smooth) / Nickle Plated
  • Gauges: 40/65/85/105 - Superlong Scales
  • SKU: ELIX14087
  • Taste: Don't Lick Your Strings

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