Acoustic Guitar Strings: Elixir: 3 for 2 - Optiweb 9s

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A Special offer pack from Elixir Strings. This 3 for 2 offer is on Guage 9, Electric, Nickel Plated Steel. Elixir are best know for giving you better tone for longer. With this offer you pay for 2 packs and get 3! 

Elixir Electric Nanoweb strings feature patented coating technology which makes the tone of your electric strings last for 3 - 5 times longer. The gauges on these strings are as follows:

  • Gauges: 9/11/16/24/32/42
  • Nickle Plated Steel
  • Nanoweb Coating
  • Long Life String
  • 3 for 2 Pack
  • SKU: ELIX16550


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