Daddario Pro-Arte Classical Strings

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Nylon Guitar Strings | Classical Guitar Strings

Daddario Pro-Arte Classical Strings

D'Addario's Pro-Arté Nylon classical guitar strings are the perfect choice for any classical guitarist. Featuring precisely intonating trebles and wound basses, these strings provide a warm yet projecting tone. Whether you're looking for a light or heavy tension set, D'Addario has you covered. With their clear nylon treble strings delivering sweet, mellow highs, D'Addario's Pro-Arté Nylon strings will give you the sound and feel that has come to define classical guitar playing. 

Regular Tension | EJ45

D'Addario EJ45 Normal Tension classical guitar strings provide the perfect balance of warm, clear tones and reliable tuning stability. Crafted with a combination of Nylon and silver-plated copper basses along with syntheic trebles, these strings offer the ideal playing elegance to capture the rich tonal nuances of your instrument. Professional and amateur musicians alike can trust D'Addario's EJ45 strings to deliver outstanding performance in any setting.

Hard Tension | EJ46

D'Addario's Hard Tension EJ46 Classical strings provide increased power and projection for advanced players who require impressive volume, clarity, and sustain for live performances. Using a combination of trebles made from a synthetic core and basses with a durable silver-plated copper wrap wire construction, these strings offer reliable tuning stability along with tonal consistency. Perfect for the advanced classical guitarist looking to bring their playing to the next level.

Extra Hard Tension | EJ4

Extra Hard Tension Classical Guitar Strings offer increased projection, volume, and clarity for an amplified sound that's perfect for a live performance.

D'Addario's Pro-Arté EJ44 Classical Guitar Strings are an excellent choice for any classical guitarist. With their precision intonation and warm, projecting tone, these strings provide the perfect balance of beauty and power. The treble strings offer mellow highs, while the basses offer bright and full lows. The nylon is lightly polished to give great playability without losing the clarity of sound or response. Whether you're looking for a light or heavy tension set, choose the EJ44 if you want practice with amazing results!


Daddario Pro-Arte Classical Guitar Strings

  • Available in: Normal (EJ45), Hard (EJ46) & Extra Hard (EJ44) Tensions
  • Pro-Arte Series Strings
  • Manufacture: D'addario


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