Cornerstone Electric Guitar Pedals: Antique Classic Drive (V1)


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Cornerstone Pedals: Antique Classic Drive (V1)

The Antique is our take on the classic sounds which are notoriously recognized with the Tube Screamer. Don’t worry, the Antique is not a clone, but it definitely belongs to the Screamer-like family of overdrives. It has a well-defined mid-range tone, typically used to achieve the bluesy sounds of John Mayer or SRV.

Looking at the controls, there are Volume, Gain, Tone and Presence.

The Gain control determines the amplification factor of the pedal, and thus the overall saturation and the Volume control acts as a master output control.

The Tone control manages the frequency content of the entire signal while the Presence control specifically shapes the high-end content. These two controls together with the mids switch, allow you to discover different sounds and colors.

The Antique requires a standard 9V DC Negative power supply only. 


  • Classic Drive Pedal
  • Handmade in Italy
  • Side Mounted Jacks
  • Controls: Tone, Volume, Presence and Gain
  • 9V- DC Negative 
  • No PSU supplied

About Cornerstone Handmade Pedals

From CornerStone Music, A Family owned company which prides itself on Design and Handmade Manufacturing. Conerstone manufacture Guitar and Bass pedals to the highest quality. From the minds of Linda and Emilio. Linda is originally a management engineer, she looks after the logistics and production aspects of Corner Stone. Emilio is an aerospace engineer who is truly passionate about Guitar. He builds all of Cornerstone Pedals.

Built with Passion by Musicians for Musicians, Cornerstones dream is to reach the tastes of as many Guitarists as possible. What they offer is Cornerstones interpretation.

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