Casio CTX3000 61 Note Touch Sensitive Keyboard


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Casio CTX3000 61 Note Touch Sensitive Keyboard

The CT-X Series comes with the AiX Sound Source, which can produce a wide range of sound qualities from powerful bass tones to clear high tones. The exceptional computing power of the high performance LSI reproduces the natural charm of acoustic instrument sounds, such as the agreeable change in tone when a piano key is struck, the sensation of a drum performance, or soaring strings. ​Dynamic tone changes also give its electronic sound exceptional expressiveness.​

This keyboard is battery powered, it can be powered by the Casio AD-E95100, it is not included but can be ordered here


  • 61 standard size keys
  • Touch Response: Sensitivity 3 types, Off Maximum Polyphony
  • 64 notes (32 for certain tones)
  • Tones; Preset Tones: 800 User Tones: 100
  • Other: Layer, split (configurable split point, lower point, chord point settings)
  • System Effects
  • Reverb: 24 types, Off
  • Chorus: 12 types, Tones
  • Delay: 15 types, Tones
  • DSP: 100 types (Can be applied to user tones using DSP editing.), DSP tones
  • Master Effects Equalizer (10 presets)
  • External Input Effects Center cancel (vocal cut) for input from the Audio In jack
  • Metronome
  • Beat: 0 (accented tone off), 1 to 16
  • Tempo: Tempo value: 20 to 255
  • Demo Songs 3
  • Song Bank
  • Built-in Songs: 30
  • User-recorded Songs: 10
  • USB Memory Songs: Playback of standard MIDI files (SMF format 0/1), CASIO MIDI files (CMF format) on a USB flash drive is supported.
  • USB Audio Playback Playback of audio files on a USB flash drive is supported.
  • Supported File Formats: WAV format, 44.1 kHz 16 bit
  • Other Functions: Center Cancel (Vocal Cut)
  • Auto Accompaniment Built-in Rhythms: 235 User Rhythms: 50
  • One Touch Presets 235
  • Music Presets 310 (With chord progressions)
  • Phrase Pads Number of Pads: 4
  • User Phrases: 100 (4 phrases x 25 pads)
  • Editing Mode: Copy, delete, phrase editing
  • Mixer function
  • Affected Parts: Sound source parts, microphone input part
  • Parameters: Part on/off, volume, pan, reverb send, chorus send, delay send
  • Registration
  • Maximum 128 setups (8 setups x 16 banks), registration sequence
  • Tone Editing Preset tone editing, DSP editing
  • Memory for storage of edited tones (up to 100)
  • Rhythm Editing
  • New rhythm creation, rhythm editing
  • Memory for storage of created/edited rhythms (up to 50)
  • MIDI Recorder

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