Affiliate Marketing Program

Interested in earning some extra revenue? Are you regularly recommending Products & Books to your students to buy? Why not earn a commission for referring your students to We are an online Music Store based in Blanchardstown, Dublin. Our store offers a wide range of Strings, Accessories, Instruments and Books. 

How Does It Work? 

Teachers can apply to join our Affiliate Marketing Program via a specific link which you can use when sending information (e.g The system will recognise your Affiliate Link and assign the commission to your account. You can see which sales have been processed and your current commission through your very own dashboard. 

What Do I earn?

For every sale which is connected to your Affiliate link you will receive 3.75% commission. If the customer returns to buy anything else from our store within the next 30 days you will also receive a 3.75% commission. 

How Do I Get Paid? 

Payments are made every €25, once you have collected €25 in commission a payment is made into your PayPal/Bank Account Account automatically. You can also opt to take your payment as a voucher (Some Schools then offer these vouchers an incentives or rewards without costing the school extra money). 

How Do I share the information? 

Ideally you will share the link via Email or Text to avoid any mistakes. 

Do I need to tell the students/parents I receive a commission?

Yes, transparency is the best approach. You can see other obligations to here.

Can I tell other teachers?

Yes! Please do, for every teacher you refer we will give you a €10 Voucher to use for yourself on! 

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