FujiGen - FGN Guitars now available in Ireland

FGN FujiGen Electric Guitars

Founded in Matsumoto, Japan in  1960 the FujiGen. The company started making Classical Guitars & Violins but soon moved into to making OEM Guitars for brands such as Yamaha, Ibanez and Greco. They later (81/82) began manufacturing for Fender Japan under contract & continued making Fender under contact until 1997. Other brands which have used FujiGen include Gibson (Orville), Epiphone and Gretch. They also started making their own brand with all the knowledge they had obtained while making for other brands, FGN was born! 

To this day they continue to make OEM models for both Ibanez and Epiphone but in much smaller quantities. Although production numbers are less for these brands they still maintain 3 Factories in Japan (Omachi, Shiojiri & Matsumoto). 

Key Features:

  • Made in Japan
  • Ranges: Expert Rise, Flame & Elan, Masterfield (Semi Acoustic), J-Standard
  • CFS: Circular Fretting System, this system gives: Extremely Acureate Pitch, Long Sustain, Sonorus Harmonics, Fast Resonance and Bell Clear Sound.

FGN Today:

Today FGN is distributed via the UK into Ireland. BestMusic.ie are currently the only Irish Retailer. You can view the FGN Guitars in our Sister Companies Show Room in Blanchardstown. 

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