5 Astonishing benefits of playing a musical instrument for a child or teenager

When young people start playing an instrument, they begin a journey of discovery. They learn new skills, express themselves in new ways, and even do better in other areas of life like school.

Do playing a instrument help you with other areas in your live?

Yes, it does.

There are also a lot of research to back it up.

Playing a instrument translate in different areas of live and can help your child in school.

But there is also a studie that came to a opposite conculation than all the other once.

We will have a look at of the article a look at it.

The benefits of playing an instrument

Here a overview that we found that are backed by research.

  • Stress management 
  • Focus 
  • Decreased Boredom 
  • Improved self-esteem 
  • Positive impact on school

Better Stress Management

When you start playing an instrument, just imagen you need to play a song in front of all your family or have a little concert in front of your entire school.

Most likely you don’t even want to do that because you have so much fear in doing so.

Going through such things will teach you how to deal with difficult situations.

Which then translate into other areas of your life.

That playing an instrument helps with stress management was also proven by a research in 2020 (1).

Increase Focus

When you play an instrument such as a guitar you need concentrate over the course of the whole song.

Looking at the notes.

Remembering how to position your hand.

Plucking the correct string, to get the correct tone.

And on top of that holding the rhythm.

That alone are four different things that you need to do at the same time.

Which can be only a few seconds, when you learn a beginner song or a few minutes when you play a more advanced song or even your own.

Now imagen how easy it is to concentrate on an other thing.

That playing an instrument helps with focus, was also shown by a study. (1)

When you think about it also makes sense.

Decreased Boredom 

Televion, smartphones, computer or playing consoles.

There are a dozen of other things that are more interesting then a to play an instrument.

Imagen you sit in front a sheet of paper and play your instrument.

Fucking boring.

But when you do have the self control to do so.

Then you will gain a superpower that will help you through all your live.

Nevertheless a research in which participance, answered a survey with pre chosen question.

The majority answered that it helped them or their children / student with dealing with beardom. (1)


Improved self esteem

Coming back to the example of playing a concert in front of your entire school.

That’s just badass.

And you will feel like one afterword’s.

Such event will help you build self esteem and the confidence to do other challenging things in live.

Research proved that also, in a study they showed that 67 participant, answered that they felt like that playing a instrument helped them with their own self esteem or the once of their students / child. (1)


It improves school grades

Everyone hopes that there children get good grades in school.

So what can you do to help them improve?

Simply learn with them.

But astonishingly studies have shown students that played an instrument scored better in test in Math then the students that did not. (2)

Another study showed that playing a instrument has small but significant effects on the academic impact from the student. (3)

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