76 vs. 88 key keyboard: How many keys should a keyboard have?

You want to buy a keyboard for your kid, but you are unsure if you need a keyboard with 76 or 88 keys? 

 Then look no further. We will help you out. 

Key Takeaways

-The most noticeable difference between a 88 key keyboard and a 76 key keyboard is that they have a different amount of keys 

-The 88 key keyboard is based on the piano established around 1890. 

- With a 88 key, you can play every song that you want. With 76 keys, you are slightly limited


What is a 88 Key Keyboard?

A 88 key keyboard is a keyboard with 88 keys. These keyboards are based on the pianos that were established around the 1890s. 


It offers you the same as a standard piano. With keyboards with 88 keys, you can play a wider range of octaves, to be exact 7 1/4. That allows you to play a wider variety of songs.  

What are 76 Keys Piano Keyboards?

On the other hand, a 76 Keys Keyboard has 76 Keys. It’s a bit smaller and offers 6 ½ octaves. 


You can still play a lot of songs but its more limited than on a 88 key keyboard. 

The differences between 88 and 76 key keyboard 

There are many differences like electronic pianos with 76 or 88 keys, like, the keys, the weight, the price, the size, the songs that you can play, the range of octaves it offers. 


Some are more important than others that’s why we compared the most important factors for you:


- Range of songs that can be played 

- The price 

- The size 

Keys     88 Keys            76 Keys 

Range of songs            You can play classical pieces and all songs that you want. There aren’t any limitations.      You may cant play certain more complex songs, which will need the full range of the keyboard. 

Price    The 88 Keys Keyboards start at in our store at 600 Euro.      The cost of the 76 Key Keyboards starts at 370 Euro. 


Size      Here is the size of one of our digital pianos with 88 keys (1.322 x 232 x 99 mm)     Here is the size of one of our digital pianos with 76 keys:  1,161 x 384 x 147 mm

What elements should you look for when buying our children their first keyboard? 


When it comes to the decision of which keyboard you buy your kid, it comes down to these factors: 

- Your Budget 

- The music goals of your children 

- Available Space 


Your Budget

Spending over 600 Euro for an instrument your child will only play for a year and then loses interest can be a lot. 


When you have the money spare and think your child will play it for a long time, you can buy a new 88 key keyboard. The upside is that you never need to buy a new keyboard again. 


You can find something in the secondhand market when your budget is tighter, or check out our keyboard on sale section.


When you already know what song your child wants to learn or what it will teach in school, you can also get one with 76 keys. 

Here you also have the option to buy one second hand. 


The music goals of your children

Consider the music your children want to play. When you know it’s a massive fan of pop and electronic music, then a 76 key keyboard can be the right choice. 


When you know it wants to play classic pieces, a 88 key Keyboard is better.


Available Space

It’s a point that many forget, but it’s still essential. Do you have space the play the piano at home? 


When you only have a small space, you can place it down at the kitchen table or your children’s desk; these should be big enough. 



What technicality should the keyboard have? 

With modern Keyboards having so many features, it’s tough to navigate through all of them. 


In the end, you don’t need them all. Only two of them are essential in the beginning:


  1. Does it have good sound quality?
  2. Does the keyboard have weighted keys?  


Does it have an excellent sound quality? 

Imagen, you turn on your keyboard, press a key, and it sounds terrible. That is exactly what can happen when you choose some low-quality product. 


To offer only top products. We hand pick our products to ensure the best quality for your customers. So no fear in choosing any of your products.


Does the keyboard have weighted keys?  

When you have ever played a piano, you know how it feels when you press the key, the pressure you need to push it, and the difference between holding the key or just tapping it. 


Now imagine that you press a key; no matter how hard and long you press it, the sound is the same. That is what happens when you have a keyboard without weighted keys. 


Weighted keys will also enable you to play around with the sounds. Which leads to an overall different feeling. Of course, it’s not the real deal like a grand piano, but it comes close. 


It can be challenging to navigate all these options that you have.

But in the end, it comes down to how much money you want to spend and what your kid wants to play. 

When you know these two, you can better decide between a 76 Key Keyboard or one with 88 Keys.

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